Garbage on the Westside of Binghamton is done using the City of Binghamton “Blue Bag” System. Blue Bags can be purchased at retailers such as CVS and Wegmans. Garbage is picked up in the morning on the same day every week (you can view which day garbage is collected on your street here). The night before garbage pickup, simply put your garbage in the Blue Bags and place them on the curb in front of your house and the City of Binghamton Garbage Department will come by early the next morning and pick them up for free. To avoid being fined by the City, please do not put Blue Bags on the curb during the day (nighttime only) and do not put regular garbage bags on the curb (Blue Bags only). Recycling is collected the same morning as garbage using the City of Binghamton “Yellow Recycling Bins”. If your house does not have one already, the City gives them out for free at City Hall (38 Hawley St.)

If anything breaks or isn’t working properly while you’re living at one of our properties, simply let us know and we’ll have someone from our friendly maintenance team come and fix it for you!

If you’re locked out of your house or apartment please text your roommates to see if they are available to let you in. If nobody is available and it’s during regular business hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, send us a text and we can have someone from our team come and let you in for free! If you are locked out outside of normal business hours and you can not wait until our next regular business hours, we ask that you please contact a locksmith to let you in. 

Showings are when our leasing team brings potential tenants in to view your property who may be interested in leasing it once your lease ends. We always give current tenants at least 24 hours notice before we show the property, and we try to be quick and respectful of the current tenant’s home while also allowing prospective tenants to view their potential future home! If you’re ever looking for an apartment or house for when your lease ends just text us to set up a showing of your own!

Alternate Side Parking is the City of Binghamton’s rules on which side of the street you must park on during the winter months if you utilize street parking. Alternate Side Parking is in effect from December 1st until March 15th every year and 24/7 regardless of whether it snows or not! In order to comply with Alternate Side Parking, on EVEN calendar days you must park on the even numbered side of the road until 5pm, and on ODD calendar days you must park on the odd numbered side of the road until 5pm. At 5pm every day, the side of the street you need to park on changes to the next day, so at 5pm think “park for tomorrow”. For example, on December 2nd you would park on the EVEN numbered side of the road, and then starting at 5pm you must “park for tomorrow” and switch to the ODD numbered side of the road. Please make sure to follow the rules as you could get a ticket if you don’t!

Pugsley is Nate’s best friend! (behind the entire Nate Rentals team and his fiancee and family of course) Pugsley has been with Nate Rentals since 2013 and is our #1 fan! If you come to our office, you have a good chance of meeting him! You may have even seen him on social media or walking around campus, he’s low key Binghamton famous!